The Buckwheat Retreat

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   Thank you for choosing The Buckwheat Retreat for your skin, nail and body care needs. We are so proud to offer our services to Preston County. Our goal is to provide relaxing, rejuvenating services while using the most natural products as possible. Please, take a minute for yourself and relax in our spa.

    Preston County prides itself on farming and agriculture. We are so fortunate to have such rich soil, beautiful rolling fields and 4 seasons of weather. Buckwheat is a staple of that agricultural history here in Preston County. The Buckwheat festival is a celebration of harvest and a homecoming for Preston County natives. Ideally, the buckwheat plant can be used for so much more than cakes and breads! Here at The Buckwheat Retreat we have taken the amazing benefits of buckwheat and folded them into some of our signature spa services. Some of the nutrients that buckwheat is rich in are vitamins C and B, which help improve mood and help fight and prevent the winter blues. Also, Flavonoids and Plant Lignans which are anti-oxidants preventing premature aging and helping the circulation of blood. We hope you take advantage of some of the services offered using buckwheat in our spa.